The Most Corporate of All the Social Responsibilities

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– Written by Brendan Lowry, Marketing Associate

These days, how a company projects itself in the public eye is paramount. Perhaps it has something to do with the shift in cultural norms leading to a mainly “PC” outlook. Regardless, this idea of corporate social responsibility is a necessary part of any company’s (big or small) public relations strategy. As much as these efforts play into how an organization positions and markets themselves, they also tend to do a fair amount of good.

Here at IMI, we are in the process of rolling out one of many initiatives that ultimately build into our corporate social responsibility as we continue to grow. With offices throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico, IMI wants to bring a change by developing a program to help immigrants gain Canadian work experience. As such, we have hired two MBA interns from Carleton University who are designing and developing a program to reduce the barriers for the new skilled immigrants to find a job in Canada. Enter the Employment Positions for International Candidates program (EPIC).

IMI’s President, Rudi Asseer explains, “Our experience is in HR. We help place people in good jobs across North America every day. But so often I find, firsthand, that newcomers to this country — some with excellent education and expertise — are often overlooked in the job market because they don’t have ‘Canadian’ experience or references.”

IMI’s expertise in HR and its massive corporate network can make an immense contribution to reducing employment barriers for newcomers to Canada, and the company wants to start right here in Ottawa.

Manav Sachdeva, one of two Sprott MBA interns working on EPIC, is upbeart about his participation in the initiative. “As an MBA intern, I am very excited to be a part of this amazing project. I know, from personal experience, how hard it is for a newcomer to find a job in Canada.”

 Anh do Tram, an international student from Vietnam, shares the same level of enthusiasm as Sachdeva. “I understand, and have experienced the difficulties that newcomers in Canada are facing. I am motivated by this project — to build bridges and reduce barriers between employers and new Canadian job seekers.”

As IMI continues to grow in Ottawa and throughout its North American area of operations, it will continue to strengthen its brand as a socially responsible company. There are many more initiatives coming down IMI’s pipeline… Stay tuned; it will be EPIC!

NETWORKING – It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know

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That statement reminds me of Ron White, a stand-up comic and longstanding member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. I remember watching Ron’s Just For Laughs routine when I was a kid, where he spoke of a man in Florida who decided he was going to tie himself to a tree to prove he could withstand the force of a hurricane. Ron, as if to impart some wisdom on this intrepid individual, said “It’s not that the wind is blowing, it’s what the wind is blowing… If you get hit with a Volvo, it doesn’t really matter how many sit-ups you did that day”.

Hurricanes and feats of strength are one thing. Networking is an entirely different animal. Most people, consciously or not, believe that when you attend an event, shake some hands, and exchange a few business cards, you’ve done enough. The reality is, while those interactions can be effective in the short-term, it’s unlikely they will be of much use in the long run.

Calling up Bob Sacamano at Vandelay Industries (yeah, that’s right) a year after introducing yourself at a conference will only amount to a painfully long awkward silence as he tries his best to figure out exactly who you are.

Networking never stops. Once you’ve made an excellent contact, it’s up to you to maintain it. This doesn’t mean you have to become BFF’s, but it does require you put a little effort into checking in once in a while. A great habit to get into is sending a short email to all the people who handed you business cards the day after an event. When you want to keep up the dialogue, a “Great meeting you at…” email is a sure-fire way to keep ol’ Bob in your pocket in case you ever need him.

Going back to Ron White, I believe he was onto something. I like to compare handshaking and shoulder-tapping to the wind while building a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship is the Volvo.

If you want to make an impact professionally — be the Volvo, not the wind.


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IMI’s Recruitm­­­ent Team sees thousands of resumes every year. If you want to catch their attention when applying for a job, here are a few simple recommendations that will help you stand out from the pack.


    Make sure an IMI recruiter isn’t the first and only person that’s seen your resume. Ask two-to-three people to go through the document and provide constructive feedback. A fresh pair of eyes will catch mistakes before your potential employer does.


    Make sure your resume isn’t busy or cluttered. Pick a clean layout and structure your content so those who read it aren’t distracted by a mess of bullet points and improper spacing. There are a lot of great examples of resumes online with modern, simple layouts. Here’s a few we like:


    As we mentioned before, our recruitment team looks at a LOT of resumes. One of the things they specifically want to see is key words that were used in the job description. Why? It proves you’ve actually read it. If you are uploading your resume to or any other job bank website, this is a must.


    If you have a resume longer than one page, put your name and contact information on each one. Don’t assume that every recruiter handles resumes like precious works of art; sometimes, pages get mixed up or, *GASP* even lost!


    Most employers will do a quick search online to see what your social media profile looks like. If yours isn’t PG-13, limit who can see your posts. Because if you’re messy break-up and epic parties are all over the internet, it won’t matter what your resume looks like — you’ll stand out for all the wrong reasons.


    Don’t have a LinkedIn profile? Get with the times! The resume, as much as we love it, is on the endangered species list. Want to make a real impression? Load up your LinkedIn profile with all the recommendations and endorsements you can get, and add the link to your old school print resume. Recruiters will notice. Trust us.


    As great as is, it isn’t the best to use when applying for your next job. Have an email account specifically for applying to jobs and work communication. This also helps keep you organized; now you won’t miss that important email because of all your shopping spam.

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