employs the American worker for the future of America 

Occupations: Millwright and Electricians


Over a quarter million Americans are being trained while working in their chosen industry.

Companies offer this registered apprenticeship training to approximately 440,000 apprentices.

These training programs serve a diverse population which includes minorities, women, youth and dislocated workers. IMI Apprenticeship program guides these individuals to find the future they seek.

For Employers Benefits Include:

• Skilled workers trained to industry/employer specifications to produce quality results
• Reduced turnover & Pipeline for new skilled workers
• Reduced worker compensation costs due to an emphasis on safety training.
• No cost if the employee is no longer needed
• Training from the beginning within the culture of the company.

For the Community Benefits Include:

• Highly skilled local workforce.
• Increased competitive edge in global economy.
• Flexible system to contribute to and sustain community growth.
• Reducing the cost of importing expensive skilled worker.

Apprenticeship is a proven training strategy that improves the skills of the American workforce and enhances the efficiency and productivity of American Industries.

America faces a critical shortage of skilled workers and expanding the apprenticeship opportunities offers an effective approach to meet the needs of the U.S. Industry and citizens in search of high quality jobs.